How Chief Bwette Spell Casting Process Works?

I have seen a spell i want you to cast for me from your website, what do i do next?


Order a spell of your choice – What if I can’t find a spell that suits my problem, in less than 2hours; wait for an email from Chief. In the email, Chief Bwette confirms to receiving your payments, and starts the preparations for your casting.

The second email.

Chief will send you a second email in which you will be asked to explain a bit more about the situation you are in.

It’s from this email that you will send chief your contact number that he can use to contact you directly during casting or when a need to call you arises.

In this email, you will also tell Chief what you wish as results after the spell is casted. Chief Bwette calls these wishes (dominance commands).

The third email.

After receiving the explanation of your situation and the dominance commands, Chief Bwette will send you a list of one or two simple things you need to get on your side that might be needed during the casting of the spell. – Examples of simple things that clients might need on their side as a preparation for casting.

In this email, Chief will also ask you to send him what he calls specific spell requirements – what are spell specific requirements. These are the required information about a certain situation and specific to a particular spell that chief needs in order to perform a successful spell casting. Normally each spell has its own spell specific requirement. You can find what’s required for a particular spell from the spell page of the particular spell.

The last email.

Chief will schedule your spell casting. The scheduled time for your casting will be sent to you from this email. Your spell casting takes one day of preparation. That means, it gets booked in for casting on the next day from the day you furnish the requested information.

During casting time, when your turn comes, Chief himself gives you a personal call as he start on your casting and he again give you a call to confirm to you the results of your casting as soon as he finishes. Single spell casting normally takes about 50 - 60 minutes. so expect a closing call in about 1 hours time after the opening call from Chief Bwette himself.

Normally the time frame that most spells take to bring complete results is listed on the Chief Bwette website but after every casting, in the closing call, Chief further confirms and explains the time frame results will take to effect based on your individual situation.

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