How To Talk To Any Woman You Want

Judging from experience it’s clear you are not sure what the real problem scaring you from talking to her is. Once you discover that it’s not rejection you are afraid of, you will realize how easy it is to go face to face with any woman.

If not rejection. Then what?
Well let’s say you have the bravery to go straight to her and say "hi", what then? You see the problem is you are scared of what to say next after saying hi. My advice would be not to tell her about your feeling on the first day you meet her; you don’t tell women how you feel about them before they are interested in you, more importantly before they are interested in talking to you.

Make her notice you, make her know that you exist, make her say “hey” to you the next time she sees you. When you get her to notice you, it becomes easy to go mambo jumbo bout how you feel about her.

Well how do you get her to notice you?

Give her a reason why she should stop whatever she is busy doing to listen to you. It’s easy to talk to any woman if you can give them a reason to listen to you. Reason as in “why should I stop what I am doing and listen to you”. People don’t want to be bothered unless whoever is bothering is interesting or has something of interest to say. Your challenge is to find something interesting that will give her a reason to leave whatever she is doing or busy thinking about to listen to you.

Women enjoy giving advises about relationships more importantly happy relationships. With that knowledge, let’s see how you can use it to your advantage.

You can start by creating a fictional story in which you would be stranded with great need for help. Because people never forget about times and people they offered help, use that knowledge to your advantage to make her notice you.
Create a fictional story about a friend of yours who is about to engage his 3month girlfriend, your friend has based his engagement decision on your suggestion. He wants your suggestion on whether if it’s a good idea to engage his girlfriend that he has only seen for 3 months.

Okay let’s try our luck. You see her standing somewhere, alone is best for starters. Confidently head up to her and ask.

"Hey Hi, am sorry this is random but am out of time and I need a saviour like right now. I saw you from that side and figured you would be able to help me on this".
(Don’t say your intention at this time you steel capturing her attention while outright to the point you are giving her a reason to listen to you).

Ask her; when is it a good time to engage? I mean when is it so soon to engage?
(At this time she will think it’s you getting engaged, it’s ok and don't let her know it’s not you as yet. remember we are trying to create your image in her that she will never forget you. Making it easy to start a conversation with her next time. She will probably be smiling, looking at you perhaps preparing questions for you. Listen to her question but at time don’t give her so many clues continual.

Ask again; is it a good idea to engage at three months? Look straight into her eyes when asking these questions.

Now let her ask questions too, probably questions that ask you who you are engaging. Now It’s time to make the reason to talk to you even more powerful.

Let her know it not you. No it’s not me, my friend has put me in a tough position, and he is basing his decision to engage his girlfriend on my suggestion. These guys are in deep love and everything is promising for them. he is on his way to me as we speak, I am scared what to say to him, his girlfriend seems to be the sweetest woman on earth, but if I tell him to carry on with the engagement, if thing don’t move well for him, I will blame myself for failing to play a part in my friend’s life when he needed me but again she is a sweet woman and her hopes are high now I don’t want to mess up what they have.

What can I do? At this point you have given her a good reason to talk to you. Women like giving relationship advices especially if the needed advise is for a good side of the relationship, At this point, she regards you as a responsible person, lovely, and in a company of responsible friends. She will never forget you, she might even ask you to seat somewhere so she can play a part in this sweet experience that is about to happen into another person’s life. Keep looking straight into her eyes as you talk.

End the conversation by setting yourself another chance to talk to her. Give praise to her advises, praise her smiles, and the most beautiful voice, looks or anything, ask her for her email address not cell phone number. Promise to see her soon to tell her about how you used her advices. On that note she will expect to speak to you the next time you meet because any one that gives an advice would eager to know if the advice made any impact to whoever needed it. Make all this so short. At this moment she knows you and it so easy to come up with another interesting strategy to get her to talk with you even more may be next time you start the conversation with what you did with her initial advice and what outcomes did the advice produce.


Leave a comment to tell us how it all went.

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How To Get Someone Back

As the saying goes you never know the value, importance of what you have until it’s gone. Breaking up with someone you thought of spending the rest of your life with suck. But the thoughts of finding someone else and having to start afresh with someone new kills the most. We like it or not these things happen and they happen to most of us. The question is what are some of the best ways to help someone win their partner back after a breakup? Chief Bwette, as someone that works with broken hearted souls every day, using my experience; I have listed down some of the ways that you can adapt to help you save your relationship from a breakup. Ok without out wasting any more time let’s get started.

Stop pleading, stop being needy, stop being desperate. One of the deadliest mistake people going through a breakup make is becoming needy, pleady and desperate. This behaviour is a huge mistake, it leads people to doing all sort of unnecessary actions, actions that are likely to further mess up the chances of saving their relationship from a breaking, actions that they shouldn’t be doing, at least not, given the current situation. Even though desperateness and neediness in the mind of one doing it may seem to be the easiest and most logical thing to do in order to make their partners stay, let me tell you something, it’s the worst and you should never do it if you want your partner back. Let’s see why!

Neediness and desperation pushes you partner away. When your partner brakes up from you, the best thing that you can ever do to make them feel good is doing nothing at all, yes doing nothing. What I mean is at least for a while don’t try to fix things; unless you clearly know what you are trying to fix. We shall see what I mean by this statement as the article unfolds. As hard as it sounds, all your partner wants from you is space. They want to be left alone; they want that little time to feel free from all the drama and issues in your relationship which they think is your entire fault. When you become desperate, you make them feel like someone is forcefully intruding their privacy; it turns their behaviours into defensive mode, defensive against the perceived intrusion from your neediness and desperateness. They become defensive in a way that, they want to run away from whatever efforts you try to do in the process of making things work as long as it involves you connecting with them. So what should I do?

Apply a no contact rule, like they say it’s easier said than done, but on contrary you will never know how easy or hard it is if you don’t try. Yet again if your goal is to get your partner back, what stops you from doing the right thing, however painful it might be?

Applying no contact rule does not mean completely stop contacting your partner; it’s not easy we all know it. Applying no contact rule means to apply some rules to your communication. Rules like

  • Avoid being the one to start talks about getting back together.
  • Avoid being the one to start conversations that talk about issues that you had.
  • Avoid forgiveness pleas, only ask for forgiveness if your partner talked about any issue that you did, if your partner don’t talk about any issue, don’t ask for forgiveness.
  • Avoid talking about how you miss them.
  • Keep your conversations to things you know they like, unless they start talking about your relationships, talk about things like their hobbies, favourite sport, favourite TV shows, music, children and all of sort.

The idea here is to avoid being the one to start talks about your relationship. Unless the partner starts the talk, you better not talk about it (your relationship), keep your conversation to other thing not you.

Make conversation very short and make sure you are always the one to end the conversation. Unless they asked you to stay or they asked you to not hang-up on them, whenever you get a chance to talk to your partner, make the conversation very shot and always be the one to say “I have to go see you when I see you”.

List all the misunderstandings and conflicts you had before breaking up.

Discover what exactly your partner wants you to say to them that will make them rethink about leaving you. When people breakup, they breakup for certain reasons, sometimes it’s a huge big tangible reason, sometimes it’s a build of many small, small reasons that grew out of hand for one to handle and decided to call it a quit. This means in order for broken couple to makeup, a certain percentage of those reason have to addressed and dealt with accordingly before they can all think that it’s a good idea to get back together. The question is do you know what the reasons that made your partner breakup from you are? What do you intend to talk about the first time your partner will want to talk about reconciliation?

Not knowing what to talk about in reconciliation conversations is one reason why your partner avoids talking to you. Their minds instinctually know what they want you to talk about; they know how they want you to ask for another try. They don’t want to hear you rambling about forgiveness, and how you are going to be a different person. What your partner wants even though they are not personally aware that it’s what they want but their minds do, is to hear you submitting to each and every issue you had in its tiniest bit, their minds want you to treat each issue however small it is, as a single issue on its own. Say if luck of sex was one of the issues that caused endless fights in the house, but there was late coming, luck of emotional support and whatever it might have been; don’t just promise to be a different person, if you happen to know all the issues, talk about one and only one issue at a time. If possible for the entire conversation and leave others for another time. They want to hear you giving them a reason to look back.

But how do you know all those small tiny problems? List them, take your time, be honest to yourself, and list each and every tiny issue, words of anger and anger promises that you used to make to your selves every time you had an argument.

Honestly analyse and judge each entry in your list, accepting where it was your fault and listing that separately. Now formulate the reasons why your partner should forget about each issue that you were responsible of. Next time you meet, make sure you tell them how you intend to change as far as that single issue is concerned. One by one until you finish the entire list.

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How To Voodoo A Man To Stay With You

How to voodoo a man to stay with you - good books avenues don’t work

So you have a man that you desperately want to stay? You have tried all the good books avenue such as show him respect.., never let him go hungry.., respect him, cook - wash and blur blur blur.. To no avail? Have you finally realized that there is room for a super natural way to make you heart felt desire a reality but are still trapped in the question of how to voodoo a man to stay with you? Well this is for you.

Voodoo a man to stay with you and control his soul

Using voodoo to control a man you love is one of many powerful ways to make a man you love jump when you ask him to without the need to know the height. Voodoo spells are believed to be amongst the best spell that one can ever perform in search for control of a human soul. Done well, the amount of control you can gain on a human your targeted to his unexplainable.

Though very powerful, before you perform it to a man to stay with you, you need to understand that its powers must never be used in instances of revenge.

How to voodoo a man to stay with you

You can voodoo a man in many ways, but most importantly you need to know what you want to achieve as a result plus also you need to have a respected spell caster to either guide you in performing voodoo or perform the whole ceremony for you.

How to voodoo a man to stay with you - Use voodoo dolls

Voodoo dolls to make a man stay with you are very popular and make the process of capturing and controlling a human soul very easy. Voodoo dolls can be bought from a respected powerful spell caster. Voodoo dolls can be used with needles to direct attention of your commands towards a person that you are controlling. If you are unsure you can leave the process of directing commands to your spell caster.

When using a voodoo doll to voodoo a man to stay with you, you must and I repeat, you must never allow the person you are controlling to see this dolls other wise the end gets pretty bad and you can loose him forever.


How to voodoo a man to stay with you - Use the man in bottle voodoo

This is my favorite. A man in bottle voodoo is one that in my opinion the best voodoo that any woman who wants to make a man stay with them should use. This is simply because it is very powerful, but also it is one that was created by my four fathers.

This spell's mystic powers leave no stones or tables unturned. It simply holds a man's soul captive in a bottle that you can command at any time you want.


How to voodoo a man to stay with you - Find a real spell caster with real voodoo powers

Wanting to perform a voodoo spell on a man you love to make him stay with you is one thing, but finding a real spell caster with real voodoo powers in another thing. In my opinion if you want a voodoo spell that will really give you results, you first need to find a real respectable spell caster that have real voodoo powers that work. Finding a real spell caster with voodoo powers is a challenging process but if you are reading this article now, it means you don’t need to look no further simply because Chief Bwette is one of; if not the only spell caster in Africa with intrinsically mystic voodoo powers with which some such as man in a bottle voodoo originate from his linage.

Order many of the voodoo spells mentioned in this article wright from Chief Bwette's website or by following the links provided in this article them selves to Chief Bwette's product pages for those voodoo products.

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How To Get Back Husband From The Other Woman

Get up and get your husband back from the claws of another woman. Don’t let those years you have invested in your marriage go to waste. Stop sulking and take action

When you walked down the aisle and listened to him swear his vows you never thought there would come a day when you would need to compete for his affection.

Now you are in shock, you’ve seen it happen to women around you but you never thought it would happen to you. You thought your marriage was so solid but now you’re asking yourself what you have done wrong.

You feel tired and hopeless and you’re scared that this could be the end of your marriage. Well, don’t be. Just consider yourself lucky to be here because I’m going to take you through a few things you need to in order to get your husband back from another woman.


What happened? That is the main question you have on your mind. To answer this, find the cracks that led to the collapse of your marriage and make efforts to fix them.

Perhaps you were spending way too much time at work and often bringing work home. Maybe you have been reluctant to be intimate with your husband; this is what often chases men away.

You two could also just be stuck in the motions of routine marriage, where every single day is predictable. Your husband became bored this. It led to him look for excitement in another woman’s hands.

Whatever the problem may be you have to fix it before it suffocates your marriage. You have come too far to give up now.


Find out what is keeping your husband captivated with this woman. What she is doing to make your husband forget about you and his family commitments.

There is nothing wrong with a little snooping when it’s necessary. Woman, go through his phone messages now before he changes his passwords. Read their messages to understand the essence of their relationship.

Is it just about sex? Is she in this for the money your husband gives her? Perhaps this woman strokes his ego or he could actually be in love with this. You will only know if you look through those messages between them.

This information will help you understand what it is that is missing in your marriage that makes your husband go in search of it in her.


This depends on how you found out about the affair.

If it was discreet then keep it that way. Do not confront him or say things that may hint at you.

If he realizes that you know he will attribute your sudden change in behavior and your interest to you being desperate to keep him.

Make him see that you are genuinely changing for the best so that he realizes that he doesn’t need the extra stimulation after all.


Your husband’s girlfriend might seem very beautiful but this doesn’t mean that you have lost the war.

What you may be looking at could just not be what your husband sees in her. She may be really attractive but nobody is perfect.

All you need to do is to work on your confidence. Woman, you managed to get your husband to marry you. That is something his girlfriend hasn’t managed to do.

Use those tricks again that made him marry you, Instead of sulking in your room and eating junk.


Spoil your husband in the bedroom by being creative. Put some effort in your evening wear. Buy a set of sexy lingerie and wear it to bed for your husband.

Be comfortable in the bedroom. Initiate sex and allow yourself to be his wildest fantasy. Don’t be scared to try out new things.


The best way you’re going to do the above is by the use of the lost love spell to bring my husband back from her. With the powers of this spell, I guarantee you there is nothing that is going to stand in your way of getting him back in your hands, away from that other woman.


Women tend to know exactly what their husbands want but are reluctant to provide.

By marrying you he has shown that he believes that you are enough for him or have the potential of being such.

You have probably been refusing to be the woman he wishes you could be, the woman he married. Now, this is the time you become that woman who fulfills those needs.

His mistress is willing to do anything to show him that he needs to leave you and be with her, Then also do the same.

Do whatever it takes to convince him that you know him and what he wants better than any woman could.

Cut down on your night outs with the girls and include his favorite meals in the supper menu.

Be more welcoming to him and his friends. Talk about his day and improve your communication with him. Woman, I guarantee you there is no way your husband will go look for another woman when you have a better communication.


Take action now stand up and fix your marriage because it won’t fix itself. Do whatever it takes to get your husband back from the other woman. Follow these simple steps and you will surely have your husband back where he belongs, with you and your family.

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How To Make Your Husdand Love You More

Make your husband fall madly in love with you again. Spice things up in the bedroom avoid making excuses not to have sex. Make yourself the center of his world again.

Marriage is beautiful but difficult to maintain. Most newlyweds ask themselves whether they will be able to keep their love alive.

This is normal. Statistics show that marriage is no longer a permanent union. Marriages fall apart on a constant basis.

So it is normal for you to be concerned. You need to start investing effort into keeping your marriage alive.

You may think that your marriage is doing well. You think you don’t need to improve anything.

However, there is always room for improvement. Your investment will show your husband that you value him. Show him that you are committed to the marriage.

Marriage can work; you and your husband can enjoy a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Follow this article as it shows you some helpful hints on how to make your husband love you more.


Keep him interested. You need to remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Find out the reason why he chose to spend the rest of his life with you. This could be an important pillar that holds up his love for you.

If you are lucky he will tell you. He will tell you the things you do that make him appreciate you.

If he doesn’t, be observant and sensitive to his reactions. His eyes will light up when you do the things he likes.

For example, he may love the way you make him comfortable around you. He will show this by suddenly beaming with joy when you are doing it.

Continue doing it. He will be afraid to lose you because of the simplest things you do.


Marriage should be equal. What the other person gives the other must reciprocate.

Take a keen interest in what he is passionate about. Perhaps you do not like sports and he does, it will not hurt to learn something new.

Watch a game of sports with him and show genuine interest in it. Show him that you are willing to learn what makes his world go round.

Surprise him with tickets to a soccer match he’s been dying to go to. Spice up the offer and go with him.

 Allow him to have his friends over to watch soccer. Do not interfere; give them space to enjoy the game on their own.


Grow your intimacy by spending time cuddling in each other’s arms. Play with his hair and allow him to play with yours.

Give him a scalp massage as he falls asleep on your lap. Initiate sex and always compliment after.

Men get tired of always having to initiate sex. Be different; show him that you crave him sexually as much as he craves you.

Spice things up in the bedroom. Wear something sexy to bed every night and avoid making excuses to not have sex.

Men’s sex drive is higher than that of women. Become his sexual fantasy. Treat him like you are his mistress and not his wife.


Unnecessary nagging and arguing can show immaturity. You do not have to always win an argument with your husband.

Handle arguments with maturity. Accept that you won’t agree with everything and your opinion is not always right.

Men hate to be told that they are wrong, especially by women. It won’t hurt to agree with things that you won’t normally agree to.

This goes back to compromise. Marriage is about a lot of compromises. Learn to forget about your opinions once in a while.


Don’t let all of these efforts go to waste. Solidify them by using the get your husband back Wicca love spell.

This spell will guarantee that all of your efforts to get your husband’s love back are successful. The spell will make sure that your husband will not be able to resist your affection and charm.


One thing that is almost as important as a man’s sex drive is his ego. Learn your way around your husband’s ego.

Don’t highlight his failures. If he fails at something make him feel like it is not his fault and he could’ve actually conquered that thing. Blame anything on the surroundings but not his lack of effort.

Allow him to come to your rescue. Make him feel needed by contacting him whenever you have a difficult challenge to do.

Ask for his input on matters. Show him that you value his opinion by listening to him talk about how best to tackle challenges. Agree with him as if you would never have thought about this yourself.

Be his trophy wife. Men are competitors. Invest in how you look so that his friends are aware how lucky your husband is to have such a beautiful wife.

Allow him to reign in his castle. Allow him to have a final say on the things that happen in your household.


All you need is the advice from this article as well as using the get your husband back Wicca love spell.

With this, there is no way your husband will ever fall out of love with you or take his eyes off you.

Now, this is the time to bring back your husband’s lost love. Make your husband love you more once again, make him feel like a king and he will be like putty in your hands.

Take care of your husband as if you were his mistress competing with his wife back home. Make him feel like your whole world revolves around him. Then he also won’t be shy to allow his to revolve around you.


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How To Make A Married Man Leave His Wife For You

Make him change your relationship status from private to public. Make your boyfriend leave his wife for you.

You’re reading this now because you’re in love with a married man and you want him to leave his wife for you.  Don’t be ashamed, it happens all the time in our day to day’s life.

You were approached by a decent good looking man offering prospects of love. He treats you right, better than any other man you’ve met.

Everything is going well in your relationship. You don’t even remember when last a man made you this happy.

The only problem is he is married. Yet you have never thought in your entire life that you will date a married man.

In the begging, you made a promise to yourself that you won’t get too attached. You told yourself that you are only doing it for fun and you don’t mind if he never leaves his wife.

However, everything didn’t go as planned. Now you cannot help it anymore, you’re completely in love with a married man.

It has come to the extent where you are imagining a future with him, something that you never did before. Well it’s normal and you’re not alone, a lot of women have found themselves in your position.

The question is how do you change your relationship status from mistress to a potential wife? That is what you’re going to get here.


Do not make the mistake of constantly nagging him to leave his wife for you. You are an escape from the reality of a boring and failing marriage. You are a fantasy and his new world.

Use that to your advantage; make his experience with you magical and this means not bringing up his wife between you and him.

Make him completely forget his wife and the problems of his marriage when he is with you. Shower him with love and everything he doesn’t get from his marriage.

Don’t ask him when he is planning on leaving his wife. He knows that you wish to be more than a mistress in his life. Mentioning how you wish he would leave his wife makes you sound insecure and can annoy him.

Your presence in his life should convince him that he deserves better than a suffering marriage.

Nagging will make you seem desperate. If you want him to leave his wife you need him to think that you are confident, not needy.


It is not a secret that the root of most infidelity is sex. In the beginning he probably just wanted sex.  So hook him up with it, make him addicted and obsessed to have sex with you.

Then limit a bit not so much your sexual interactions with him. Drive his mind away from sex to other activities, since you want more out of the relationship. This will show him that you have more to offer than just sex.

It will also allow you to see if he loves you or not. If he continues with you in spite of the lack of sex then he might be worth pursuing.

Make him leave his wife by showing him that there is more to enjoy in your world than just sex.


The fact that he is cheating on his wife means that there is something that his wife is not doing to satisfy him, something that doesn’t meet his needs.

Now do not make the mistake of imitating the wife hoping he will be attracted to this. Being unique gives you a competitive edge. Present the best version of your authentic self.

What I mean here is, instead of making him love you more it could actually make him remember how much he loves his wife.

So by copying his wife, you will be showing him that there is not much variety out of his marriage. He will think that all women are generally the same and he will decide to stay with his wife.

Don’t let him remember how much he loves his wife. Since you want him to leave his wife for you, and don’t imitate her.


Believe in him. After years of marriage, wives get tired of cheering up for their husband’s dreams and ideas probably because they witness many of them fail.

A man needs to feel that he is capable and has everything in charge. Now be that woman to make him believe that he is doing a great job and all his dreams will come true.

Since he importantly needs to feel and see that the woman beside him believes in him. This is the best way to stroke his ego.

If his plans are not going well, just be there for him, make him believe that he can still make it.

With that, he is going to leave his wife for you due to the way you make him feel like he can conquer the whole world without her. If he doesn’t conquer the whole world, then at least make him feel like he can conquer yours.


Make yourself irresistible to him by using the spell to make him leave his wife for me.

This spell will ensure that he remains captivated by you. Enough to make him leave his wife and start a new life with you. Become the center of his attention and be a marriage material woman


It will take time for him to leave his wife, especially if there are children involved.

It is important to stay patient during this period. Also, don’t base all your effort on making him leave his wife for you.

All you have to do is to stay stable and motivated. Don’t stop your efforts when you start feeling like it's not working.

If you stop these efforts he will see right through you. He will think that you are only performing to get him to leave his wife.

Patience is the key to making him leave his wife for you. He will appreciate you not rushing him. This will make him see that you are considerate of his emotional well being and that you are mature.


It’s never too hard to make him leave his marriage, wife for you. You just have to be that woman that can conquer his heart enough to make him completely forget about his wife.

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How To Make His Ex-girlfriend Stay Away From Him

Imagine having him all to yourself. Having him wrapped around your finger and ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy. Now get up and take action to stop his ex-girlfriend from snatching him away from you.

This is difficult to do when he has someone constantly competing with you for his attention. You should be the center of his world; after all, you are his girlfriend.

However, his ex-girlfriend is constantly on the lookout for the areas where you are lacking. She is more than willing to swiftly fill them up for you.

This girl is making your life difficult.  It has become her personal mission to get back with your boyfriend. Doubts run through your mind, does he still love her? Am I just a rebound to him?

Well stop sulking and take action. This girl has declared war and you need to show her what kind of warrior you are.

No more room for playing nice, it is time you start throwing your hands back. Show her who the Queen of the sand pit is. Keep your boyfriend where he belongs, with you.


What exactly did your boyfriend see in this girl? And most importantly, what made him leave this girl?

Do some investigating to understand your enemy. This will inform you on how far she is willing to take on this competition.

This is bad but for the sake of this way you’re going to stalk her social media. Find out what people are saying about her. Find out as much as you can about her since every little detail counts in this battle.

Identify her weaknesses and her strengths then find a way of using it against her to leave your boyfriend alone.


No one needs to know that you are at war with this girl. Do not bad mouth her or show her any contempt.  Mostly in public, don’t show your intentions.

When you meet her be as kind as you can be. Let her question how she could hate such a lovely girl.

Eliminate any form of jealousy on your part. Avoid showing your boyfriend how threatened you feel. Pretend like you do not know that those midnight calls are from her.

If this girl contacts you acting distastefully do not reply. Girl, carry yourself like nothing could tilt your crown.


If the foundation is weak the structure will quickly tremble. Work hard at building a strong bond with your boyfriend. Be his happiness keeper, his emotional outlet, his friend, his Queen and his lover.

Become the center where his life revolves around. Be there when he needs you the most, go to him when you suspect that he is feeling down. Compliment his achievements and let him know that you appreciate him.

Make sure that he cannot do anything without wondering how much fun it would be if he did it with you.


Some girls are genuinely crazy when they are in love. Even though your boyfriend may let her know that she stands no chance she may still hold on to some hope and continue causing disorder in your relationship.

This is the time when you mark your territory. Talk to her woman to woman, tell her that her behavior is distasteful and she should carry herself better.

Tell her to invest her time looking for someone who will be willing to reciprocate her love. Do not make any forms of threats because this will only hammer you down to her level.

Keep the conversation short and straight to the point and once you have made your point do not elaborate, just stop replying.


This girl will not feel sorry for you so you shouldn’t either. Focus on the prize, your boyfriend and do whatever it takes to win him out of the claws of his ex.

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How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Convince your spouse to fight for your marriage. Make your spouse give your marriage another chance to stand the test of time.

Marriage is beautiful but fragile. It can easily suffer so it requires effort from both parties.

In the case of marriage, the grass is not greener on the other side. The grass is greener where it is watered and nurtured. Failure to invest in your marriage may result in its downfall.

Life can get in the way of what is important in life. We often lose sight of the simple things that hold us together and hence fail to appreciate them.

Marriage is one of such things. It is rosy in the beginning and one simply gives in to the temptation of letting her marriage take care of itself.

Anyway, you’re here because your marriage is under stress. Your husband or wife has either filed for divorce or is threatening to do so.

Then I guarantee you that if you follow these simple steps you can claim back his or her love and commitment. So here is how you can save your marriage from divorce.


He or she could’ve filed for divorce after months of trying to fix things without any success. You probably weren’t aware of all his or her attempts but now he or she is fed up.

To make your marriage work your spouse should also be willing to fix his or her faults. You two need to humble yourselves to each other.

Be forgiving and compassionate to each other. Try to remember that your spouse is not your enemy. He or she may seem cruel and bitter but this is still someone you love.

Perhaps your spouse is not showing any signs of wanting to work things out. Do not give up. You can personally put in your effort then if he wants, he or she will catch up with you soon.


Take responsibility for the things you did that may have put a strain on your marriage. Admit all of them in a remorseful manner.

Tell your spouse that you were wrong for deliberately not being there when he needs you the most and for the wrongs you did.


Talk to your spouse. Let he or she know how sorry you are for letting your marriage get to the point where it is now. Tell him or her that you will try hard to improve your contribution to the marriage.

Explain to your spouse how you didn’t act the way you did on purpose. Tell your spouse that you are sorry for being insensitive to his or her reactions.

Be specific. Let he or she know what exactly you are willing to change and how you are going to change it.


Marriage is about family. Although you may feel like your marital problems are only affecting you, they are affecting everyone related to both of you.

Some people in the family may be as concerned about your marriage as you are.

So let a concerned elderly member of the family intervene. She/he will offer you a life’s worth of wisdom especially if she/he is in an old committed marriage.

Let this be someone that your spouse respects and someone who has always had your marriage’s best interest at heart. This person’s opinion will stick in your husband’s/wife’s mind.


Marriage counselors offer a great service. They experience marital problems on a day to day basis.

This means they know what to look out for in an unhappy marriage and they have tried and tested ways to repair such marriages.

Also, some people are more willing to open up to strangers so perhaps your husband or wife will open up to the counselor, expressing important details that you may have missed.

Should your husband or wife agree to marriage counseling then at least you’ll know that he is willing to repair the relationship.

Be cautiously honest in your sessions. Some things will only cause problems if spoken out loud.

Well if all of the above doesn’t work out for you or if you see that the situation need some forces. Real natural forces to save your marriage from divorce.

Then use the Wicca spell to bring back happens in your marriage. Follow the link to read more about it and see how perfectly it can save your marriage from divorce.


There is no perfect marriage but that does not mean that you shouldn’t fight to save yours from divorce. Wake up and fight for that man or woman that your heart loves.

That one you have spend half of your life with. You still need him or her to spend the rest of your life with.

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Right now he wins; he shuts you out for as much as he likes, He is tired of you and for whatever reason he is on a pick to start his life with some on else. Let’s say it’s in his hands to decide when it over between the two of you and write now he has decided it’s over.

But wait a minute does he even have that much power over you? Does he have the power to just dump you in a trash-can just because he thinks it your time to go? The answer is yes if you don’t make a spell on him. Regain control over him and your relationship by wrapping him around your finger tips granting control over who says it’s over to yourself by choosing one of my powerful African Wicca lost love spells now.

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Being attracted to someone happens to most of us, in fact all good relationships start as result of attraction. But what if one you are attracted to is not attracted to you? Do you just sit there and wish?

The solution is simple choose an African attraction spell from a collection of my attraction spells bellow that will make him chase you around like a little baby.

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Browse and read some of the tested ideas to overcome any love related problems coming from the man himself Chief bwette. If you have any question dont hesitate to contact chief or use the comment section below each article, chief will get back to you as soon as 2 hours time.

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I don’t know what their motives are, I don’t know why they just can’t stop, I don’t know why they keep pushing but at some point in-laws' judgemental behaviours, criticism behaviours, controling behaviours and unwanted visits plus silly forceful parental advices need to be put at stop. Yes at stop. These people (in-laws) have ruined so many marriages and they pretend nothing is wrong with their actions. Stop, Stop, Stop these in-laws from ruining your life, order one of Chief Bwette's African in-law spells and wrap them into your finger tip control or just do whatever you want to do to them.

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 Chief Bwette Revenge Spells

Revenge Spells

People can say whatever they want about what the greatest revenge is. To be honest I really don’t care. I am not in the business of silence is the best revenge. I am not into business of best revenge is to smile. I am not in the business of noblest revenge is to forgive.

Call me what you want, judge me as you wish, but my belief is, if someone does wrong to you, he deserves what comes for him period.

Settle your heart to square; make revenge spell to breakup and mess up just as they did to you. Here is the most effective list of African revenge spells that will enable you to silently plot a painful but sweet revenge on whoever did you wrong. Choose one that suits you. If you can’t find one, don’t hesitate to contact me for a personalised test of revenge spells.

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Divorce Spells

As long it involves separating married couples no matter if it’s a revenge, betrayal or insatisfaction, don’t look no further. Below is a collection of divorce spells that won’t leave any marriage standing. Just pick one, cast it to any marriage you want divorced, in no time that will be the end of it all.

In this collection, are divorce spells that will either:

  • Save your marriage from a divorce, forcing your partner to drop divorce cases on you marriage,
  • Force your partner to humbly accept a divorce without a fight
  • or Just destroy any marriage you want for revenge.

 Go ahead and chose one that you want so we can get started

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